❏ project rage queen – mutant salon – summer happening at the broad

As part of the Broad’s Summer Happenings, Mutant Salon is creating a performance that moves from the Oculus Hall, inside the museum’s anus, through the belly of the beast and out through its mouth, to the outside main entrance of the Broad. We are bringing Mutant Salon outside for our sisters, our community, and audience members to experience this special performance for free, without need for paid admission. Bring your looks, lights, and sparkles. All are welcome to partake in the creation of all this beauty!


❏ project rage queen — a voyage through the exnozone

A Voyage Through The EXNoZone is an immersive installation that uses sci-fi landscapes, fantasy, sexuality, the impossible, and the use of the body as sculpture to create a seductive and mind-altering experience that explores the possibility of a new world rising up from the ashes from an old system–a world free from the constraints of our time.

The installation combines video documentation and sound to create an intense, highly synchronized, dynamic introduction to a sci-fi reality where social progress triumphs over traditional ideas about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Featuring Alice Cunt, Dull Finn, and Travis D with support from Sofia Moreno and Xara Thustra.

view more on projectragequeen.com

❏ ghost in the machine – the arcade

work made while at the arcade studios in chinatown los angeles, california.  masks, projection mapped installation, garment, works on cardboard, video installation.  joint open studio exhibition february 28th, 2015, with juan manuel gudiño.

“it is said identity is like an onion: you peel back the layers to reveal a truer self; but what if the layers peel to nothing, forever on and on, deep down. is there a true inner being, or are we all just characters of creation? is there a supreme self that rules the others? and what if we were to create an altar to our truest, purest self, to meditate on an avatar of origin in hopes of allowing such a spirit to poses us fully?”