❏ project rage queen — episode 4

“…opening the Golden Gate”

Project Rage Queen, episode 4 — a collaboration from Alice Cunt, God Doll, O Ledesma, TravisD, & Vik Victorious; video editing by TravisD; soundtrack by Alice Cunt & TravisD

❏ art diva (zine)

a zine of collage and sharpie. “making the most of a bad situation.”

❏ confusion is sex #3

a performance for the third installment of the performance event ‘confusion is sex,’ organized by dino dinco, dawn kasper, and oscar santos.

view the CONFUSION IS SEX # 3 : SATURDAY, 03 AUGUST 2013 statement letter.

“a site-specific performance in which the spirit of taboo was conjured and channelled in mourning of the destruction of a sacred, wild, sexual and natural space surrounded by an urban metropolis.”