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❏ ghost in the machine

work made while at the arcade studios in chinatown los angeles, california.  masks, projection mapped installation, garment, works on cardboard, video installation.  joint open studio exhibition february 28th, 2015, with juan manuel gudiño. “it is said identity is like an onion: you peel back the layers to reveal a truer self; but what if the […]

❏ project rage queen @ Last Projects

a performance envoking the glamour and celebrity, fallen stars, and broken dreams of hollywood blvd.  project rage queen performers: travis d, isaac “goddoll” jorel ledesma, alice cunt.  taken place on hollywood blvd. in front of last projects gallery, special thanks to xara thustra.

❏ the silent witness — putilandia

the silent witness no expectations no affirmation no categorization only presence, intentional existence setting forth intent, expressing will detached and without preconceptions self-imposed isolation celibacy, abstain from assertion